Section 9 Teams and Fixture - Winter 2021


The preferred starting time listed for each team is for their home matches, not their away matches.

1. Bulleen

Ted Ajani Reserve
Thompsons Rd, Lower Templestowe


Courts: 6 en-tout-cas, 4 hard court

Captain: Hazel Cook
   9850 1966
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

2. Wellington

Southern Reserve, Mulgrave
off Rupert Drive


Courts: 6 en-tout-cas

Captain: Jenny Walker
   0418 312 549
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

3. Eley Park

Eley Park, Eley Rd
Blackburn South


Courts: 8 mod grass

Captain: Judy Hickman
   9886 4225
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

4. Donvale

Donvale Reserve, Donvale
parking off Mitcham Rd near soccer pavilion & rear of oval


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Jenny Inglis
   0404 937 059
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

5. North Ringwood

246 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood
opposite Williams Rd


Courts: 11 en-tout-cas

Captain: Fay Parker
   0404 394 999
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

6. Vermont

Nankeri St, Vermont


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas

Captain: Carmel Adams
   0428 203 501
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

7. Legend Park

Capital Ave, Glen Waverley
off Camelot Drive


Courts: 6 en-tout-cas

Captain: Lynne Rolfe
   0430 318 578
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

10. St Cecilia's

Full vaccination required to attend courts*
6 Van Ness Ave, Glen Iris
located within the grounds of the school


Courts: 2 mod grass

Captain: Maria Iva
   0403 119 231
Preferred starting time: 9:30am


Rd Date Home Away
1 20 Apr Bulleen Eley Park
Legend Park North Ringwood
Bye St Cecilia's
Donvale Wellington
Vermont Bye
2 27 Apr Eley Park Bye
North Ringwood Bulleen
Wellington Vermont
Bye Donvale
St Cecilia's Legend Park
3 4 May Bulleen Wellington
North Ringwood Vermont
Donvale Bye
Bye Legend Park
St Cecilia's Eley Park
4 11 May Eley Park North Ringwood
Legend Park Bulleen
Bye Bye
Wellington St Cecilia's
Vermont Donvale
5 18 May Bulleen Vermont
Eley Park Donvale
North Ringwood Wellington
Legend Park Bye
St Cecilia's Bye
6 25 May Bye North Ringwood
Wellington Eley Park
Donvale St Cecilia's
Vermont Legend Park
Bye Bulleen
7 22 Jun Bulleen Bye
Eley Park Bye
North Ringwood Donvale
Legend Park Wellington
St Cecilia's Vermont
8 13 Jul Legend Park Eley Park
Wellington Bye
Donvale Bulleen
Vermont Bye
St Cecilia's North Ringwood
9 3 Aug Bulleen St Cecilia's
Bye Wellington
Donvale Legend Park
Vermont Eley Park
Bye North Ringwood
10 16 Nov Eley Park Bulleen
North Ringwood Legend Park
St Cecilia's * Bye
Wellington Donvale
Bye Vermont
11 23 Nov Bye Eley Park
Bulleen North Ringwood
Vermont Wellington
Donvale Bye
Legend Park St Cecilia's
12 30 Nov Wellington Bulleen
Vermont North Ringwood
Bye Donvale
Legend Park Bye
Eley Park St Cecilia's
13 7 Dec North Ringwood Eley Park
Bulleen Legend Park
Bye Bye
St Cecilia's * Wellington
Donvale Vermont
14 14 Dec Vermont Bulleen
Donvale Eley Park
Wellington North Ringwood
Bye Legend Park
Bye St Cecilia's
15 1 Feb North Ringwood Bye
Eley Park Wellington
St Cecilia's * Donvale
Legend Park Vermont
Bulleen Bye
16 8 Feb Bye Bulleen
Bye Eley Park
Donvale North Ringwood
Wellington Legend Park
Vermont St Cecilia's
17 15 Feb Eley Park Legend Park
Bye Wellington
Bulleen Donvale
Bye Vermont
North Ringwood St Cecilia's
18 22 Feb St Cecilia's * Bulleen
Wellington Bye
Legend Park Donvale
Eley Park Vermont
North Ringwood Bye

Semi-finals: 1 Mar
Grand final: 8 Mar
Finals Fixture

* Full vaccination is required to attend courts. Only take a team to these HOME courts who are fully vaccinated (COVID) and have a vaccination certificate to show on arrival. It will be mandatory for the certificate to be sighted. If a visiting team cannot field a fully vaccinated team for a match against a home team whose club requires all players to be fully vaccinated, the visiting team will need to forfeit. 

COVIDSafe Plan

Arrive, Play, Leave!

During our Winter Season 2021, Clubs will still have in place COVID-19 regulations, either set down by their Board of Management and/or their Local Government Authorities (LGA), which of course must be adhered to.

The Executive Committee would like to bring to your attention the following:-