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Welcome Back to Tennis!

Tennis Resumes February 1st


COVID Safe protocols as per government guidelines will continue (see below).

Please be familiar with our heatout rules (32°).

We understand that there might be some last minute forfeits due to COVID, but please try to give your opposition as much notice as possible. We encourage everyone to get a booster.

There are a few Clubs who require all players attending their courts to be fully vaccinated: Camberwell United, Kooyong, OLGC, St Cecilia's and Serpell. Only take a team to these HOME courts who are fully vaccinated (COVID) and have a vaccination certificate to show on arrival. It will be mandatory for the certificate to be sighted. If a visiting team cannot field a fully vaccinated team for a match against a home team whose club requires all players to be fully vaccinated, the visiting team will need to forfeit. 

Play safe & enjoy!

Friendlies are still scheduled

The Friendly Matches are optional, but we strongly urge ALL teams to enjoy being able to play tennis each week! The draw for the Friendly Matches can be found in the Fixture pages of this website – click through to your section.

The Friendly Matches will not count to the main ladder for each section, BUT there will be a prize for the team in each section which wins the most games during these matches. The results (just scores from each set; no players' names) will need to be emailed to Christine (President) at – they will not be able to be entered on Match Centre.

COVID-Safe Procedures

Clubs will still have in place COVID-19 regulations, either set down by their Board of Management and/or their Local Government Authorities (LGA), which of course must be adhered to.

The Executive Committee would like to bring to your attention the following:-

Winter 2022 Season

Team sheets for the Winter 2022 Season will shortly be sent to all Club Contacts. Team entries close Tuesday 22 February. The new season will commence 22 March 2022.

Players Wanted

Match Results & Ladders