Eligibility to play in your team: A pool emergency is eligible to play in the section for which she is graded or higher but not lower. For example, a Pool Emergency graded as "4" can play in sections 1, 2, 3 or 4 but not in any lower section. Pool emergency players graded 'section 1' are ineligible to play in semi or grand final matches.

Contacting a player: See the list of Pool Emergencies Contact Details

Booking a player: Each time you book a Pool Emergency, please email ASAP with details so that we can update the availability information on the MEMRLTA website, AND so that we can add the Pool Emergency's name to your team's player list in Match Centre to make match results easier to enter on the day. Or, you can text details to:
Hope Stewart, the Emergency Pool Secretary, on 0402 089 113.

Please provide these details to the Emergency Pool Secretary:

Playing a pool emergency: As with all emergencies, Pool Emergencies should play at position 3 or 4 (except in Section 1 where they can play at any position). On the paper score sheet a (PE) must follow their name and a note made online in the 'Match Notes’ box.

Key to Availability
  = available to play
  = booked to play
  = unavailable to play
  = ineligible to play in semi or grand finals*
  = did not play**
* Pool emergencies graded 'section 1' are ineligible to play in any semi or grand final matches.
** Was booked to play but did not take the court due to total washout, last minute cancellation, etc.
Pool Emergency Players Availability
    1 2 4 5 6 7 3 GF
Name Grade 2/2 9/2 23/2 2/3 9/3 16/3 23/3 30/3
Cheryl Rule 1                
Mary-Jo Durrant 1                
Dedrie Green 2                
Pam Lamattina 2                
Fiona Dwyer 3                
Anneliese Foster 4                
Jessie Tamblyn 4                
Sharon Lee 4                
Sherryn Demicoli 4                
Sue McPherson 4                
Bernadette McPhee 5                
Laraine Ramsey 5                
Margaret Haines 5                
Marlene Elliot 5                
Avril Betros 6                
Jan Wood 7                
Ann Landry 8                
April Li 8                
Dawn Li 8                
Roslyn Brereton 8                
Judith Searl 10                
Peggy Graham 12