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MEMRLTA greatly appreciates the support Tension 24 has given us over many years.

memrlta tennis ladies doubles


Tennis is our happy place!

tennis is our happy place


memrlta mid-week ladies doubles tennis comp
Happy to be back at tennis!
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Changes to the Summer 2020/21 Season

A committee ZOOM meeting was held Sunday morning (14/2) to discuss all things relating to Covid and our current season.

As a Committee, we will continue to be flexible around the COVID restrictions and at all times, keep you and our members informed of MEMRLTA’s decision making.

With that in mind, we wish to advise the following:-

These decisions have been made to enable ALL of our members to play the maximum amount of tennis possible in the weeks allocated to the Summer Season, prior to the School Holidays starting.

The Committee also discussed matters pertaining to the Winter 2021 Season. We will advise you of these matters when we know how our current Season will conclude.

To all our Members, as a Community, we supported each other through last year and we will do so again. 

Please take care and above all else, STAY SAFE.

COVID-Safe Tennis

During our 'COVID-19 Normal' Summer Season 2020/21, most Clubs will have in place COVID-19 regulations, either set down by their Board of Management and/or their Local Government Authorities (LGA), which of course must be adhered to.

Please also be familiar with MEMRLTA's COVID-Safe Plan and Recommendations.

Team Entry Forms & Cards for Winter 2021 Season

Team Entry Forms for the MEMRLTA Winter 2021 Season have been sent to all Club Contacts. Entries must be received by the Secretary, Fiona Dwyer, by Tuesday 23rd March 2021. Spare copies can be downloaded from our resources page.

Players Wanted

Ladders for Downloading & Printing

Final Ladder for Summer 2019/20 Season