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MEMRLTA greatly appreciates the support Tension 24 has given us over many years.


ash barty
Congratulations to Ash Barty for winning Wimbledon!


The MEMRLTA Committee organises and manages the inter-club competition. At our AGMs, the Committee and our Club Members may propose changes to our By-Laws and Rules of Association (constitution). It is the Clubs Members, however, who ultimately decide what By-Laws and Rules to accept or reject. It is the Committee's responsibility to  run the Association and the competition according to those Rules and By-Laws.

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How to nominate

Download the MEMRLTA Committee Nomination Form and send the completed form to the Secretary at least 28 days before the date of the annual general meeting.

2020/21 Committee Members

For contact details, see our Contact page.

MEMRLTA Committee
The committee met via Zoom to do grading for the Summer 2020/21 Season
L-R top row: Christine Youings, Hope Stewart, Jackie Aslett
L-R middle row: Wendy O'Connor, Kath van Tonder, Fiona Dwyer
L-R bottom row: Ros Brereton, Fiona Shelton, Helen Williams