Section 4 Teams and Fixture - Summer 2020/21


The preferred starting time listed for each team is for their home matches, not their away matches.

1. Eley Park

Eley Park, Eley Rd
Blackburn South


Courts: 8 mod grass

Captain: Wendy Wen 0438 894 869
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

2. Koonung Park

cnr Springfield Rd & Heppner St
North Blackburn


Courts: 9 en-tout-cas

Captain: Jenny Brown 0413 208 082
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

3. East Malvern

10 Moira St, Malvern East


Courts: 10 en-tout-cas

Captain: Bev Keogh 0401 167 796
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

4. Doncaster

Athenum Way, 802 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster
behind the Audi car dealership


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 6 synthetic clay, 2 mod grass

Captain: Marie Mansour 0412 233 710
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

5. Donvale

Donvale Reserve, Donvale
parking off Mitcham Rd near soccer pavilion & rear of oval


Courts: 4 en-tout-cas, 4 synthetic clay

Captain: Rochelle Spargo 0439 353 054
Preferred starting time: 9:30am


Genazzano FCJ College
301 Cotham Rd, Kew


Courts: 3 hard court

Captain: Desley Wilton 0405 440 650
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

7. Kooyong

489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong


Courts: en-tout-cas

Captain: Jo Rush 0412 415 845
Preferred starting time: 9:30am

8. Camberwell United

5 Sefton Place, Camberwell
off Broadway via Stanhope St


Courts: 3 synthetic clay

Captain: Karyn Hannant 0412 659 301
Preferred starting time: 9:30am


Rd Date Home Away
1 2 Feb Eley Park Camberwell United
East Malvern OLGC
Donvale Doncaster
Kooyong Koonung Park
2 9 Feb Koonung Park Donvale
Doncaster East Malvern
OLGC Eley Park
Camberwell United Kooyong
3 16 Feb Eley Park Doncaster
East Malvern Koonung Park
Donvale Kooyong
Camberwell United OLGC
4 23 Feb Koonung Park Eley Park
Donvale Camberwell United
Doncaster OLGC
Kooyong East Malvern
5 2 Mar Eley Park Kooyong
East Malvern Donvale
OLGC Koonung Park
Camberwell United Doncaster
6 9 Mar Koonung Park Doncaster
East Malvern Camberwell United
Donvale Eley Park
Kooyong OLGC
7 16 Mar Eley Park East Malvern
Doncaster Kooyong
OLGC Donvale
Camberwell United Koonung Park
Finals Fixture