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Tennis is our happy place!

tennis is our happy place


Tuesday Inter-Club Ladies' Doubles

MEMRLTA organises ladies' doubles inter-club competitions in the Melbourne eastern metropolitan area.

Matches are played every Tuesday except during State school term holidays and public holidays. While our by-law states that matches shall commence at 10am or at a time mutually agreed upon, the majority of matches commence at 9:30am.

Each match consists of 6 sets of ladies' doubles: 1st & 2nd players, 3rd & 4th, 1st & 3rd, 2nd & 4th, 1st & 4th, and 2nd & 3rd.

Sets are eight game sets with no advantage. That is, each set is first to eight games, no tie-break. Players participating in matches must be financial members of the clubs registering them, or a member of our Emergency Pool.

If the temperature reaches 32 degrees C at the appointed starting time or at any time thereafter, play may be stopped at the option of either captain.

There are two seasons each year: Summer and Winter. Both seasons comprise 10 teams per section although approximately every 5 years, to balance available Tuesdays, the Winter season is altered to consist of 8 teams per section.